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Jack Clark Still Hates the Mets

Wednesday 1 July 2009 @ 11:25 pm

Jack Clark was only a Cardinal for 3 years, but those 3 years happened to coincide with the height of the Cardinals-Mets rivalry. These teams were at the top of the division year in and year out, and they all hated each other. Here are some recent Clark quotes about famed Mets players from those days (’85-’87):

“He couldn’t stand it. Whoever was talking to somebody else, he’d have to go over there to the media, and try to get in there because he wanted to be the one that the whole game was all about. Which was pretty sickening and disgusting to everybody else. … We didn’t have to see him with his white shoes on, being sad and acting like he was somebody special … He talked his way more into the Hall of Fame than actually deserving it.”
Clark talking about Gary Carter

On Howard Johnson corking his bat: “Yeah, it was. That just goes to show those guys were trying to cheat, you know, and it didn’t end up working for them anyhow. If his was corked, I’m sure a few other guys’ over there were corked, also. It didn’t make any difference to us.”

Special thanks to Deadspin for providing these remarks.

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