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Is Austin O’Such The Dirtiest Baseball Player In The World?

There’s a video that’s been threatening to go viral for the past 24 hours of a college baseball game that was played last week. In the 9th inning, a Scottsdale Community College player lays down a sacrifice bunt to bring in a run. A runner who was on first advances to second, while the batter is retired near first base. Apparently he was tagged pretty hard, which caused the benches to clear. Ignore all that, and just watch the runner on second base:

Apparently the man who plowed him over was Yavapai College leftfielder Austin O’Such. After he runs away from second base he comes back into camera view from the right side of the screen. You’ll note this is the same player because of his physical build and his glove, which is beige on the outside and black on the palm. His number is 24, which I’ve confirmed on the Yavapai Athletics website is in fact Austin O’Such.

A quick Google search for Austin reveals that he played football in high school, which is apparently where he learned how to get a running head start and throw a shoulder into an unsuspecting man’s back. O’Such has been suspended, but he has not been kicked off the team.

You can tell Yavapai school administrator’s how you feel about O’Such’s punishment by emailing President Penelope Wills at penny.wills@yc.edu

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