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Rare EBay Find: The Rawlings Ambidextrous Baseball Glove Prototype

ambidextrous baseball glove
Ambidextrous Glove Auction

I happened to stumble upon an eBay auction for an ambidextrous baseball glove. This is a rare prototype produced by famed glovemaker Rawlings. This glove is made out of the highest quality materials Rawlings was using at the time, which includes “Heart of the Hide” leather, but what really makes it special is that it can be used by pitchers as both a left-handed and right-handed glove.

The Yankees currently have an ambidextrous pitcher in their farm system, and one of their middle relief pitchers (David Robertson) has the ability to pitch left-handed and has been told he may need to do so in an emergency if his right arm has been overused, but the only major leaguer who I remember pitching from both sides on a regular basis is journeyman Greg Harris (pictured below) back in the late-1980′s and early-1990′s.

Harris did not use the glove being sold in this auction (he apparently preferred the trapeze webs, as they could double as finger slots) but he did have a specially made glove. I wonder if any glove manufacturers have considered a design that would allow the back of the fingers to be “pushed in” to become the pocket and the glove to be worn no the other hand. That seems a lot simpler to me than this crazy double-web design.

Whatever price this Rawlings glove ends up going for, it is certainly an interesting and unique piece of baseball history.

greg harris pitching

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