The Jets Are The Best 3-0 Team In Football

I’m sick of all the cocky Giants fans claiming their team is the best of the undefeateds and just expecting everyone to accept it as the truth. Let’s take a quick look at the facts. First of all, the Giants pulled off 2 of their wins at the end of the game and with the help of some luck. I’m still not sure how that tipped pass against the Cowboys found its way into a receiver’s hands. Second, the Giants just think they are beating good teams because they are playing teams that were good in the past. They’ve played the Redskins, Cowboys, and Buccaneers. Hooray, those were great teams in 2006! This is 2009, and those 3 teams will struggle to combine for 15 wins this season.

The Jets, on the other hand, have played the much-improved Houston Texans (wait and see), along with the Patriots and the Titans (the best 0-3 team ever, they’ll win 9 games or more this season, I guarantee it). There are only two teams that should be considered the best of the 3 and 0’s, and they are the Jets and the Baltimore Ravens. The Giants, quite frankly, aren’t even close. Oh, and nobody will be fooled when they’re 5-0 either. The Chiefs and Raiders are hardly worthy opponents.

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