Did Jets Management Sandbag Us Last Season?

Brett Favre is claiming he was injured with a partially torn bicep muscle for the last month of the season last year, and that Jets management knew about. He also claims he offered to sit because he thought he was doing harm to the team, but the Jets kept playing him anyway. These are disturbing allegations considering how the Jets collapsed at the end of last season and how obvious it was that Favre wasn’t even close to 100%. Did the Jets keep playing him just because they knew he’d put people in the stands, even though they risked (and lost) a shot at the playoffs as a result? Or is Brett Favre just making excuses for completely sucking in December and setting himself (and Vikings fans) up for failure this season? Favre has lost credibility after his charade the past 2 offseasons, and the Jets management has never had any credibility to begin with, so who knows what’s really going on here.

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