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Earn Multiple Streams of Income
(without a website or any coding required)
Paid to search programs
Paid to search is the newest way to earn money on the internet. You just sign up for an account and then use that site to do all of your searching. You will get paid between $.02 and $.03 per search, depending on the site, and each site will pay you for 30 - 40 searches per day. You can also get your friends to sign up and you will be paid each time they make a search. You may look at three pennies and say "that's not a lot of money," but when you multiply it by 30, and then multiply that by 3 or 4 (the number of search sites out there with this type of program) and then multiply that by the number of friends you can sign up to do the same thing, you can see how there is an opportunity to make thousands of dollars.
A great new program. High payout rate and up to 40 searches per day.
An older program that is improving every day. They allow 50 searches per day.
The oldest get paid to search program, but also very unreliable. Their site seems to go on and off on a whim. The sites above have performed much better than netbux for me.