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Affiliate Marketing - The Vending Machine Theory

I've found that many people are skeptical of anything related to affiliate marketing. They feel that the internet is full of "get rich quick" schemes and anyone that says otherwise is trying to scam you. Skepticism can be a good thing, but it can also get in the way of success. The affiliate opportunities on this site have all been tested, and they're all "real" and they do all pay real money. If you can just trust that statement, or find other reputable programs on your own, then you will see how profitable affiliate marketing can be. How profitable? Well, let me show you:

For some reason the people that were early adopters to affiliate marketing on the internet were also people that in a different era owned vending machines that were spread out all over towns like yours and mine, right at the entrance to restaurants and grocery stores. The vending machine business is a lot like affiliate marketing. You usually pay a small fee (in affiliate marketing this is hosting and domain costs), you spend a little time setting something up, and then you sit back and get a cut of the profit in the end.

There's a good reason why the small vending machine business (other than those owned by huge corporations) is going the way of the wooly mammoth. With vending machines, you have to pay the same setup costs each time, with every new machine often costing hundreds of dollars. You then had to pay the local business where you planned to place the machine (or give them a cut of the profits). In the end it could take years to make a profit on a single machine, and you constantly had to service the machines and refill them.

Affiliate marketing has become so popular because it is so much easier and more profitable than the vending machine business model. Setting up a website with fast, reliable hosting and a top-level domain name costs under $120, and the site can literally become profitable (earning that $120 back) in less than a month. It make take hours, days, or even weeks to get a site running, but after that every page doesn't need to be constantly updated every week. Some pages have quality content that doesn't need to be updated, and it can remain static forever.

Hosting and domain registration costs will have to be paid each year (although there are often discounts for purchases of multiple-year packages) but I think it's clear how much more profitable the affiliate marketing model is when compared to the old brick-and-mortar (or should I say nickel-and-gumball) model. If a site isn't getting any visitors or revenue the owner can just re-do the whole site, or buy another domain name and host it using the same package. If a vending machine isn't getting any business there isn't much the owner can do except move it to a new place or sell the machine for a loss.

Will the affiliate marketing model become oversatuated with too many new publishers looking to make a buck online? I don't think so, because the internet is growing with thousands of new users every day. These new users bring more and more of their spending dollars online, looking for items to buy. Build a niche site for these users and sell them something related to your topic. Whatever you are interested in, you should be aware that there are probably millions of other people interested in the same thing. Build your site for them and for yourself, and you'll be the one selling that item or service related to your site's subject. Instead of selling a nickel gumball to a few kids every day, you could be selling something much more expensive to a few million people around the world. Imagine the possibilities.


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