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Suing an employer can be a very hard decision, but having a good lawyer on your side advising you can make the process much easier

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Filing a Lawsuit Against Your Employer

It can be very hard for someone to sue an employer who has helped them earn a living, but sometimes employers mess up, and through negligence, greed, or various other reasons they have caused your suffering.

Sexual harassment is among the most common reasons for a lawsuit being filed against an employer, but there are many other reasons as well. Unfair compensations seems to be fairly common these days, with employers unwilling to stand by contracts they have agreed to or breaking federal or state labor laws. One common example of this is a non-exempt, wage earner who works over 40 hours a week. In many states this employee is entitled to 1.5 times his regular wage for each hour he worked over 40 hours that week. If an employer refuses to pay that rate, or if you find they have continually refused to follow that law in the past, you may have grounds to sue.

If though you may think you understand labor laws because you did a quick Google search (and probably ended up on this site), unless you are a lawyer you should not be trying to go at this alone. Hire a lawyer who is experienced in filing lawsuits against lawyers, and who is prepared to go to court to argue your case. If the disputed amount is not worth the effort of a lawsuit, you should seek alternative options.

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