Chiefs Nearly Beat Cowboys, Still Third Worst Team In Football

Wednesday 14 October 2009 @ 3:53 pm

In a week where the Chiefs wore the uniforms of a Dallas football team with the state of Texas on their helmets in a home game against the Dallas Cowboys, they nearly pulled off a victory. While it may be true that the Cowboys are not a good football team this season and Jerry Jones is probably going to round up the whole franchise and drag them all by the back of a steer, the Chiefs looked good for about 3 quarters on Sunday. That’s more than some of the other winless teams in the league can say. The Chiefs do not belong in the same class as the St. Louis Rams or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Heck, they’re better than the Detroit Lions and the Buffalo Bills. The Raiders looked so bad on Sunday the Giants treated the game like it was preseason. If the Chiefs pull off one win, they’ll immediately catapult themselves from #30 in ESPN’s power rankings to somewhere in the low-20’s. There’s just so much competition to be the crappiest team this season, there’s no way we can come out on the bottom.

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Chiefs vs. Cleveland Browns – December 20

Thursday 24 September 2009 @ 2:05 am

Need tickets for the December 20th game?

The Browns will come to Arrowhead for the Chiefs final home game of the season on December 20th. I’m really looking forward to Matt Cassell tearing up the Browns defense in this game. It stinks that the Chiefs will have to go on the road after this to end the season, because I really feel that there’s a chance we’ll be in the playoff hunt this year and it would be sweet if we had the Arrowhead noise on our side. Tickets for this game are selling for as low as $9 on the secondary market.

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Why Do The Chiefs Get Stuck With Terrible Throwbacks?

Friday 11 September 2009 @ 1:00 am

For those of you who don’t know, the original AFC teams will be wearing throwback jerseys and helmets when they play each other this season. While some teams have some really cool looking throwbacks, the Chiefs absolutely do not. In fact, the Chiefs were an original AFC franchise before they came to Kansas City. Back then, they were known as the Dallas Texans, and their helmet featured a silhouette of the state of Texas on it. Those will be the helmets the Chiefs will wear in throwback games this year. Here’s a pic of the terrible helmet:

kansas city chiefs dallas texans throwback

I realize the NFL is trying to get its fans to be more savvy when it comes to the leagues history, but making the Chiefs wear a helmet with the state of Texas on it is ridiculous.

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Cassel Still Questionable, Offense In Flux

Thursday 10 September 2009 @ 3:41 pm

Matt Cassel is still listed as questionable for Sunday’s game with a sprained left knee. That leaves the ever changing Chiefs offense in limbo, with no one really sure who the leader is or what direction we’re going in. To make matters worse, every single fantasy football league that I auto-drafted in this season gave me Matt Cassel as my QB. Do they ever update their player rankings to compensate for injuries? Or maybe I should be asking why Matt Cassel was ranked so highly in the first place. Seriously, how did this guy become a superstar? He took over a perennial Super Bowl contender last season after their superstar quarterback went down and he led them to… well, nothing. The Patriots didn’t make the playoffs last season, and the Chad Pennington-led Miami Dolphins did. What does that say about Cassel?

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Chiefs vs. Bills Tickets for December 13

Tuesday 8 September 2009 @ 1:58 am

Need tix for the Chiefs/Bills game?

The Bills are a lesson in mediocrity. Ever since the Titans beat them with the Music City Miracle 10 years ago they’ve been a slightly worse than average franchise each and every year. They’ve been 7-9 for 3 consecutive seasons, and nothing seems to indicate they’re improving much this year. They picked up Terrell Owens in the offseason, and when he’s paired with Lee Evans that creates quite a deep threat. The problem is they don’t have a quarterback with a great arm in Trent Edwards, and they only have a so-so run game and a defense that is inconsistent. Oh, and despite improving their deep passing game, they still haven’t improved their red zone offense. I swear to god they kick 4 field goals a game and score 1 touchdown a month. It’s really pathetic watching them play. The Chiefs will destroy the Bills in this game, and right now you can buy tickets on the resale market for just $9.

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Chiefs vs. Broncos – December 6th

Thursday 3 September 2009 @ 1:51 am

Who needs tickets when the Broncos visit Arrowhead?

The Chiefs rival, the Denver Broncos, will enter Arrowhead on December 6. The Broncos have really fallen apart as a franchise, particularly this offseason. I’d say they’ve had one of the worst offseasons in recent memory, losing their franchise quarterback and getting very little to improve their team. I expect them to win less than 6 games this season, including this one against the Chiefs. Tickets for this game are selling for as low as $9, which I think is about what the Broncos offered Jay Cutler to continue playing quarterback for them.

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Chiefs vs. Steelers – 11/22 Tickets

Sunday 30 August 2009 @ 1:44 am

Q: Are there tickets still available?

The Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers will come into Arrowhead on November 22, the first game the Chiefs will have played at home in nearly a month. It really pains me to call the Steelers the Super Bowl champions once again, and it would give me great pleasure to see them get stomped out by the Chiefs in this game. We all know how hard-hitting these Chiefs-Steelers games get, and I’m sure this one will be no different. Tickets for this game are really expensive, like $14 a ticket. Ha, that’s what a high value game is for Chiefs fans. Do you realize what a game against the Super Bowl champions would cost at other stadiums? In some cases we’re talking about hundreds of dollars a ticket for seats that don’t even have a decent view of the field.

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Chiefs vs. Chargers, October 25 Tickets

Tuesday 25 August 2009 @ 1:37 am

Who needs tickets?

The Chiefs will finally play host to a respectable AFC team when the Chargers come to town on October 25. This game will start at the usual 12:00pm time, just like EVERY Chiefs home game this season. That’s right, we do not have a single late afternoon or night game at Arrowhead all season. I expect this to be a pretty good game, as the Chargers have played well for the past half decade and there’s no reason to believe they’ll let up this year. The Chiefs will stay with them, if for no other reason than the fact that they have home field advantage on their side for this game.

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Chiefs vs. Cowboys – October 11

Thursday 20 August 2009 @ 1:31 am

Need tickets for this game?

The Chiefs seem to play host to all the prima donna teams of the NFL this season, with the Cowboys coming into town a week after the Giants on October 11. The Cowboys have a tendency to overlook non-conference opponents, especially early in the season, and this game will be especially hard for them considering it will be played in Arrowhead where Romo will hear exactly what is on Chiefs fans’ minds for a good 3 and a half hours. Cheapseats for this game are selling for under $15 each, and I’m sure if you yell loud enough some of those fashion models on the Cowboys will be able to hear you.

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Chiefs vs. New York Giants – October 4

Saturday 15 August 2009 @ 1:22 am

Need tickets?

The New York Giants will make a rare visit to Arrowhead Stadium on October 4th for the Chiefs second home game of the season. The Giants come into this season pretty confident because they’ve got a hyped up defense and they’ve just signed Eli Manning for the rest of his life after offering him an entire skyscraper full of money, ala Scrooge McDuck. Anyway, the Giants will face a rude awakening when they visit us and have to face the wrath of the Chiefs faithful. Low face value tickets for this game are reselling for as low as $14. I’ll be darned if you can find tickets at any other stadium reselling for that low.

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