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Dazed and Confused
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Dazed and Confused Profiles

Randall "Pink" Floyd

Pink is the starting quarterback on the football team, but he can't stand Coach Conrad and the pledge sheet he's making all the players sign. He's going out with Simone, but he'd like to hook up with Jodi. He seems to belong to all cliques.

Mitch Kramer

Mitch is going to be a freshman in high school and he's already getting picked on by the senior class. Lack of parental supervision (and help from Pink and his pals) allows Mitch to experience high school life a little earlier than most of his classmates.

Don Dawson

Dawson is on the football team. He parties hard and loves chasing pretty girls. He and Shavonne are an item, but that doesn't stop him from hitting on other girls (and Ms. Stroud)

Ron Slater

Slater is the school stoner. He was the only one that was high during every part of this movie. He starts before school and keeps tokin' until they drive off to Houston to get Aerosmith tickets the next morning.

Kevin Pickford

Pickford is the school's dealer. Stoners like Slater helped Pickford purchase that sweet 1970 Pontiac GTO The Judge. His dad doesn't trust him (with good reason), although both his parents seem ignorant about his activities.

Mike Newhouse

Mike is a philosopher, and a nerd. He is a bemused spectator, watching everyone else living wildly. Nobody realizes that Mike is looking for a little action of his own, and the beast within is just waiting for the chance to appear.

Tony Olson

Tony is friends with Mike, Cynthia, and Pink. He isn't comfortable around others, even if it's at a party. He is the epitome of "squareness." Will he find true love with Sabrina, a freshman hazing victim?

Jodi Kramer

Jodi is Mitch's older sister, and she's also a member of the senior class that is out to haze him. She's interested in Pink, but knows he's already with Simone.

Cynthia Dunn

Cynthia is a nerdy girl that is friends with even nerdier guys (Mike and Tony). She is like their mother, driving them around and paying for breakfast. Her romantic interest (Wooderson) is much more independent.

David Wooderson

Wooderson is that creepy guy that graduates from high school but never leaves. The high schoolers think he's cool because he's older and he has a nice car. Many of the classic lines in this movie to come from Wooderson.

Simone Kerr

Simone is going out with Pink, but she is beginning to notice his interest in Jodi. Will she ditch him? Does she even care if he does fool around with other girls?

Benny O'Donnell

Benny's on the football team, and he actually takes it seriously. When Pink makes a big deal about signing the pledge sheet Benny gets worried that the starting quarterback might quit before senior year. Benny's other interests include drinking and hazing freshmen.

Fred O'Bannion

O'Bannion is a super-senior who is enjoying his second straight year of hazing freshmen. He has a temper, and when the freshmen get their revenge he blows up and drives away in his piece-of-junk car.

Michelle Burroughs

Michelle is Pickford's girlfriend. She enjoys art, music, and smoking. She's very quite, so you'll have to pay attention to hear the few lines that she has.

Melvin Spivey

Melvin enjoys playing pool at The Emporium and splitting sixers with his buds.

Sabrina Davis

Sabrina is like the female version of Mitch. She's a freshmen who is experiencing the wild side of high school life during her first 24 hours of officially being a freshman. She hooks up with Tony, the senior nerd. Apparently her parents are cool with letting their freshman daughter stay out all night with seniors.

Darla Marks

Darla is the class biotch. Now that she is a senior she feels entitled. Freshmen should bow down to her. She likes flirting and drinking, although she's horrible with the funnel.

Kaye Faulkner

Kaye is a feminist and is friends with the popular girls in the senior class, but she isn't really in to the whole hazing thing, so she just watches from the sidelines.

Shavonne Wright

Shavonne is friends with the other popular senior girls (Darla, Jodi, etc). She helps them pass the time by listing Gilligan's Island episodes. There's some chemistry between her and Dawson.

Julie Simms

Julis is one of the few characters in Dazed and Confused that is not a senior or freshmen. She's a sophomore, and Mitch chases her throughout the movie. Luckily for him, she makes the chase quite easy.

Carl Burnett

Carl is one of the lucky new freshmen that never gets a "lick" during the movie, despite having O'Bannion in a paddling stance behind him on two occassions. His mommy protects him from the big bad seniors, but he knows he'll get what's coming to him in due time.

John Hirschfelder

Hirschfelder was hooking up with a cute girl at the junior high party, but his friends (Carl and Tommy) make him leave. When the seniors catch the boys wandering around Hirsch is the one that gets caught, and he has to endure a switch-hit paddling courtesy of O'Bannion and Benny

Tommy Houston

Tommy's character isn't well-developed. He's a freshman, and he's friends with Hirsch, Carl, and Mitch. He catches for the baseball team that Mitch and Carl are on, and he seems more concerned about baseball than getting caught by seniors.

Clint Bruno

Clint is a senior bully. He likes drinking and getting blazed with his buddies. He picks fights with squares and drives a really sweet car.

Assistant Coach

Obviously a former football player, the assistant coach is the drill sergeant that wants his team to be prepared come fall. The guys on the team seem to be cool with him, even though he supports Coach Conrad's strict rules.

Coach Conrad

Coach Conrad is probably a former towel boy. When he's not lecturing Pink about his loser friends he's teaching gym class at the Robert E. Lee High School.

Ms. Ginny Stroud

Ms. Stroud is a young American History teacher in her mid to late twenties. She's a feminist and probably a former hippie. She likes to wax nostalgia over her part in the riots at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.


Pentico has a brother with a car, which makes him a vital part of the freshmen's escape plan when school ends. He drives off after dropping off Carl and Mitch, and he's never seen again.

Mr. Payne

Mr. Payne is a junior high science teacher and a war veteran. He uses his experience in the war to demonstrate how much more risk he faced than the future freshmen boys. He's entertained by the seniors scare tactics.

Carl's Mom

Carl's mom has a shotgun and she knows how to use it. She is not a fan of the seniors-paddling-freshmen tradition, and if she has to use a shotgun to stop it she will. She's a short-run thinker, because everyone knows that Carl will "get it" real bad at some point because of his mom's behavior.

Pickford's Mom

Pickford's mom trusts her son and has no idea what's going on under her roof. She doesn't know her son is a dealer, and she still wants to go away with her husband for the weekend even after her son's party plans are revealed.

Frank Pickford

Mr. Pickford seems to have no idea about his son dealing drugs, but when a beer delivery man comes to drop off some kegs at the house he begins to realize something is up. He becomes more confident in his deduction skills as the night wears on, and more and more people show up for the party that never was.

Beer Delivery Guy (Ben)

Ben didn't want to screw up the party plans, he just wanted to finish his delivery run because he was looking to get some action that night. Aren't we all?

Old timer at football game

This guy loves high school football. He knows his stats, but does he know which arm Pink throws with? Apparently not.

Guy with pistol

His mailbox is destroyed, and "he done called the police." This high school dropout probably does manual labor all day, comes home and cleans his guns, and then goes out and votes for Bush (j/k)

Liquor store clerk

He loves shootin the breeze with his customers, but can he tell the difference between a freshman and a senior? Notice the pregnant customer smoking and buying hard liquor as this guy advises her to "eat a green thing every day."

Mitch's mom

She seems tough during her only appearance at the end of the movie, but where was she while her son was drinking and getting stoned? This is the mom many of us wouldn't mind having.