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The First Summit Of Mount Everest

May is officially Mount Everest climbing season — a momentary shift in the jet stream that pushes the devastatingly strong winds at the summit away for just a few weeks a year. The path up the popular southeast route of Everest is becoming more crowded every year, and the foot traffic actually led to a physical confrontation between climbers and sherpas two weeks ago.

There was a time when Mount Everest was beyond the skill level of even the most experienced of climbers and a mystery to the rest of the world. Long before it was a luxury tourist destination, it was a challenge only the bravest of adventurers would accept. I present to you one of the most inspirational videos I’ve ever found on the web. I hope nobody watches this video and thinks they need to climb Everest. There are already plenty of people in that line. Go out and find your own challenges. There’s still plenty of this world to be conquered.

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