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The Bjorn Borg Halloween Costume – An Illustrated Guide

bjorn borg costume

Halloween is less than a month away, and I’m hard at work on my super-stylish and incredibly retro costume. Instead of being a zombie — as I’ve been each year since the age of 11 — this year I’m going to be 1970’s Swedish tennis legend Bjorn Borg. Here’s a complete breakdown of this vintage athletic outfit:

1.) Vintage Fila jacket. Go with the white like I did, or try out some other colors Borg was known to wear. If you can find a yellow and light blue Fila jacket, that was the Swedish colors Borg wore on rare occasions.
2.) Re-issued Fila headband
3.) Bjorn Borg-style Fila shirt
4.) Fila tennis shorts. Yes, they have to be short shorts.
5.) Fila wristbands. Get the retro ones with the stripes if you can. They should come close to matching the headband.
6.) Fila White Line Bjorn Borg sweater. This one is totally optional, and very expensive. If you happen to live in a cold climate, it’ll probably be a bit nippy on Halloween, and this sweater is both appropriate to the Bjorn Borg look (and something he actually was known to wear) AND it’s warm. On the plus side, it’ll look great with a lot of other outfits. You know, for those times when you aren’t trying to look like a tennis star from 35 years ago.
7.) High socks with stripes. Buy from just about any online retailer like Amazon or even probably at your local Walmart or Target.
8.) Diadora tennis shoes in white. Yes, despite all the Fila stuff on the rest of his body, Borg often wore Diadora sneakers during matches.
9.) Donnay tennis racquet. It should be a wooden racquet, but one of those old school wood presses might be overdoing it.
10.) Old tennis balls. Make sure they come in a steel can and not one of those newer plastic ones. Bonus points if you can find white or “optic orange” balls.

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