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“When It Was A Game” Released On Blu-ray

The “When It Was A Game” complete three-part collection was released on Blu-ray yesterday. For those of you not familiar with the HBO documentary series about the sport of baseball, it’s an absolute must-see. It’s got way more action-packed footage than Ken Burns’ Baseball series, and includes interviews and commentary from some of the game’s legendary players.

Forget about the Steroid Era or the droning on and on about the origins of the sport (yes, Ken Burns, I’m looking at you), because these documentaries are just about the years 1934 – 1957. This was the end of the Ruthian Age and the beginning of the years of DiMaggio, Williams, Feller and later on Mantle and Mays. This is a slice of that golden age of America that your grandparents talk about.

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